A Fresh Coat of Paint

26 Feb

When I started at my school, this was my classroom. Interesting space for an art room huh? First, lets talk about the carpet on the floor. I don’t think I need to explain how that presents a problem. Second, notice there’s no door? I know that “Great rooms” and “Open architecture” are all the rage, but when it comes to teaching in an SED school, doors are kind of important. Luckily, with about a month left to go of my first year, I was going to get to move! A room had opened up, and it was a much more appropriate space. Tile floors, two sinks, a door that actually closed, and lots of wall space for displaying artwork! My classes were all very excited. They helped me haul boxes of supplies down the hall, and excitedly helped set everything up. I decided to harness their enthusiasm, and took the opportunity to get them even more involved. Immediately I went to Home Depot and came back with two different colors of paint, a ton of rollers and brushes, and dropcloths to cover everything. I put them to work. We listened to music and made small talk while we transformed a dirty white room into a colorful, peaceful space. They even stayed after to help me put up curtains. I was so proud of them, and it made me realize how much they wanted to feel a part of something. Check out the pictures below of how the room looks now. We had made ourselves a home in that art room, a feeling that was passed on to each new student who decided they wanted a home there, too.


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